Providing safe and secure solutions for Identity access and management across a variety of platforms. Whether it’s Registration, Authentication, Account Management and Security we’ve got you covered.

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Account Management

Providing your users an easy, intuitive way to manage their personal data, account recovery information and password management.

Security & Anti-Abuse

Hackers are out there everywhere, continually trying to access our most private details and information about our identity. Our team of analysts and engineers are out there non-stop working to keep your credentials and personal data secure through complex algorithms and logic to monitor the bad guys’ behavior and stop them dead in their tracks.


Whether it’s via your favorite social network or through your personal AOL account, we provide users the capability to authenticate through the provider of their choice and begin sharing their curated experiences with friends, family and more! SSO keeps your experience personalized along the way so you never skip a beat.


The first point of entry where a user can begin to identify himself or herself. A critical step in allowing us to “get to know” the customer so we can personalize their online experience and keep them coming back!